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Therapy for Identity Development

Identity development refers to the process of forming and defining your beliefs, values, and sense of self. It includes understanding and owning your strengths, growth areas, as well as your thoughts and feelings. A person with a strong sense of identity will feel that they are the same core person in a variety of settings. Someone who does not have a strong sense of identity may feel somewhat lost, always adapting to others, or looking for clues in their situation to tell them “who to be.” They may also feel a sense of disconnection from their own experience, wondering “What do I like? Who am I? What do I want in life?”


Areas of Identity Formation

  • Social/relational identity

  • Family identity

  • Professional identity

  • Cultural/racial/ethnic identity

  • Religious identity

  • Gender/sexual identity

Identity development can happen at any time in life but is commonly experienced during adolescence and young adulthood, as people move away from their families and into school, jobs, and other relationships. It is also very common for adults to experience identity confusion as they go through major life transitions such as getting married, having children, or starting/losing a job. For example, a parent or caregiver who has devoted many years to raising children may wake up and wonder, “Now what? Who am I if I am not caring for my children?”

The process of identity development can be confusing and challenging to navigate in a complex, busy world. Many people report feeling an increased sense of anxiety, depression, and isolation as they figure out who they are and where they fit in the world. 

Treatment for Loss of Identity & Identity Development

Here’s some ways we will help you through the process of identity development:

  • Facilitate self-awareness and identification of your feelings and thoughts

  • Encourage connection with your body, learning to understand what it can tell you about yourself

  • Help you explore and articulate your values, morals, and goals 

  • Encourage you to connect with safe, loving people who can support you in your growth

  • Promote your ability to express your needs and set healthy boundaries in relationships

  • Support you as you start to take steps towards building the life you want

  • Problem-solve barriers to accomplishing your goals and areas in which you feel stuck

identity counseling therapy treatment edmonds
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